The origin of change

Mi mind sees to recall in diverse scenarios and moments the people refering to the national reality, telling: "we are missing a change", "it is time to change the direction", "one must come who changes this". I achieve to specify some moments sixteen months before and it is the own encounter on the streets describing hope painted solitudes.

What factor influences the divergence between what we supose must be changed and what we think can be changed? Which is the turning point where the willingness does revive? What is the border between that which concerns to an individual and that which corresponds to his (her) environment? The analysis is wonderful, satisfactory and decided until the moment when, behind the eye lids, the subject finds (him)herself with the inverse sight and in this moment the asking response emerges. You and I also have the possibility to transform realities but we have imposed limits to ourselves when defining, since a a conjugation between the internal and the environmental, the worldview of the first person, that on which depends the nature and magnitude of change. 

Cristino Alberto Gómez

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